Trinity College London is delighted to bring the Digital Grades and Diplomas to all of our teachers and candidates, across all of our international markets, meaning that whatever the challenges the future brings, candidates will be able to continue taking their exams digitally.

Launching on our newly upgraded digital system offering a completely revamped customer experience, the Digital Grades and Diplomas will be available to all candidates and teachers who want to have their achievement recognised through a Trinity College London Music or Drama qualification.

Our world has changed; your love of performing hasn’t
In response to a changing world, the Digital Grades and Diplomas reflect the increasing adoption of digital technologies in learning and education. The digital exams enable candidates to record their pieces/songs and technical work at a place and time of their choice and then submit the video recording via our online platform to be assessed by our expert examiners.

Designed for digital
Exam activities that flourish in a digital space. The Digital Grades and Diplomas have been designed to give candidates the opportunity to ‘be the best they can be’ in all aspects of their performance. A growing library of comprehensive online digital resources provide support to candidates and teachers throughout their digital exam journey.

We’ve been assessing performance for nearly 150 years… we’re just doing it a little differently
The Digital Grades and Diplomas open doors to the worlds of education and industry in the same way the face-to-face Grade or Diploma exams do. They carry the same Ofqual regulatory status, including UCAS points at Grades 6, 7 and 8, and are underpinned by the same academic rigour you expect from any Trinity College London qualification.

Your performance, your choice
Sitting alongside our face-to-face exams, digital exams provide even more choice and flexibility in how a regulated qualification can be achieved. The Digital Grades and Diplomas are fully compliant with the requirements of Ofqual’s ‘Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework’, meaning that any candidate who would normally be taking a face-to-face graded exam or diploma can switch to the Digital Grades and Diplomas instead and receive exactly the same certification and recognition.

For further information visit the Digital Grades and Diplomas page.