Spoken English Project 2018 and 2019 of the Directorate of Education and Trinity College London’s assessment

In the summer of 2018, the Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi had launched the ‘Spoken English Project’ for 24000 students of grade 11 studying in the government schools of Delhi.

British Council/Macmillan (BC/M) and ACT were selected as the training providers for spoken English. And as an external organization Trinity College London was assigned the work of conducting the pre and post assessment of spoken English to assess the progress of students during the 160 hours of training.

The report of TCL on ‘Spoken English Project’ yielded quite positive results for the majority of students as analyzed in the given report.

 Given more opportunity to focus on speaking and listening, many more students could achieve the level of fluency in spoken English that is expected in the curriculum and that will be required for university and for work.

 Spoken English Project 2019

Encouraged by the positive results of students’ achievement, the Directorate of Education, Govt of NCT of Delhi continued with the’ Spoken English Project’ in the summer of 2019.  This time the large scale of the project focused on 40000 students of grade 11.

 The project was successfully completed from May to June 2019 with 160 hours of intensive training by British Council/ Mac Millan.

 TCL once again worked as an external organization to conduct pre and post assessment of 10% of total students.

 The comprehensive report of ‘Spoken English Project 2019’ once again reiterates the positive reinforcement of communication skills of students of government schools of Delhi based on the objective analysis of data collected during assessment process.

 The two reports say it all……….

Trinity College London and Delhi government Spoken English Project 2018

Trinity College London and Delhi Government Spoken English Project 2019